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literally everything we got from setlock in Wales^^ we saw Mark though and talked to Sue for quite a while which was AWESOME. I didn´t take a picture of the house they were filming in since it´s a private house but LET ME TELL YOU: this fucking field was right around the corner..okay basically there were ONLY fields around the bloody house and it´s the remotest location I´ve ever seen for Sherlock EVER and it was the second last day of shooting and they were EXTREMELY private about the thing, not even driving Ben and Martin on set in their cars but in other vans bc they clearly didn´t want the 5 or six of us that were there seeing them and I saw a weird looking elderly gentleman with white hair and a bowtie and a jumper on base before(only in the distance) and then my friend came up with “but what if they´re filming the retirement scene here..what if that´s Sherlock´s and John´s house in the countryside where he keeps bees and busies himself with the garden?!” and now I´m just so fucking done with everything! oh and,AND! the base was set up near a place with animals and they later took a falconer and falcon to the location so…GAH! there, there you have it, our weird/awesome trip to Wales. (and we totally didn´t creepily snoop around a military base, no we didn´t^^)

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    Sorry for cluttering your dash, but I am testing xkit as well as speculating. Why remote location? Why falcon? Could it...
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    But…. I mean…. They’ve said….. Well… Sherlock series four?
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